CAST II Game Engine


CAST II is a free and open source game engine (not only a graphics one) for Delphi and Free Pascal (why make games in Pascal?).

Last update: Jan 24, 2011.

Jul 04, 2008: Engine update - now CAST II supports megatextures. See downloads section.

The key points of the engine:

  • WYSIWYG world editor - a single tool to edit any aspect of the game world in real time. All the engine features are available in the editor.

  • Compatibility - the engine system requirements are lowest - its material system which is based on techniques approach allows to render the same scene with modern video hardware and with such old hardware as Intel 815 integrated video or Riva TnT.

  • Cross platform, multi API - currently DirectX 8.1 renderer implemented but the engine is ready to have an OpenGL or DX 9 renderer module. The source code is compatible with Free Pascal Compiler and Linux/MacOS X platforms are planned in the future.

  • Performance - the engine is designed and written to get highest performance. Render states/shader/render target changes are minimized, vertex/index buffers are managed effectively and so on. In addition, performance profile updated in real time will give all information about performance issues.

To make a game with CAST II engine you have to write some game-specific classes which implements all the game's logic, create artwork and build levels in the editor.

The engine includes the following subsystems (red marked items are in development now):

  • Scene graph

  • Messaging

  • Renderer

  • Audio

  • Physics (build-in collision detector + third-party physics engine binding)

  • Input

  • Timer

  • Network

  • GUI

The engine is released under a dual license, and you may use it under either the Mozilla Public License 1.1 ( or the GNU Lesser General Public License 2.1 (


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