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Object Pascal (Delphi) is a modern object-oriented programming language well suitable to make games. It has clear, readable, strict and type-safe syntax as well as well-tought modularity. This is important for writing big projects such as computer games especially while targeting on multiple processor cores (multithreading).

Also important property of existing implementations of Pascal is compilation into native machine codes.

Historically, most "big" games written in C/C++ but there are many games made in Pascal/Delphi. To name a few: XIII Century: Death or Glory, Age of Wonders 1/2, Space Rangers 1/2.

Some tools and libraries for writing games in Pascal:

Free Pascal Compiler - open source Pascal compiler

Turbo Delphi - free fully-functional (for game development at least) version of Delphi

DirectX 8/9/10 SDK for Delphi / FreePascal - headers, examples 

OpenGL headers

Newton Dynamics  - Newton physics engine headers and demos for Delphi / FreePascal

Audiere Pascal SDK - free, small, but fully-functional sound library


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